HI-SC02/HI-SC02-LRF:Low cost / Portable / High performance
USE:                   Mounted on a rifle for hunting
Parameter:          1080p60fps,0.39 inchs screen display (1024x768)
characteristic:       night vision with Flashlight
BAND:                ABCSCOPE
PRICE:             USD$439 (HI-SC02)         USD$539 (HI-SC02-LRF, 1200M)    



HI-SC02 is a digital sight for long-distance use. It has excellent effect during the day and supports1080p@60fps HD video recording. In the darknight, you can still clearly aim at the target in the distance by using the standard flashlight of the product.

Excellent image effect
The product adopts Sony image sensor with a resolution of 2 million pixels. Under the condition of good lighting environment during the day, the image color is realistic and the display is clear and bright, which makes you watch the display screen image very clear when hunting.When it's all dark at night, you need to turn on the 850nm flashlight to make hunting easier.

High quality optical lens
HI-SC02 adopts self-developed high-quality lenses and optimizes lens parameters for hunting scenes to ensure bright colors during the day and outstanding nightvision performance at night. The assembly and testing of the lens are very strict. When we were doing the limit test,The product has conducted 10000 impact tests on the impact platform to ensure that there are no problems.

Powerful image processor
Hi-SC02 has a built-in 12nm quad core image processing CPU. The product has strong image computing ability. When you use the device, whether you operate the keys or observe the image on the display screen, it is very smooth.

Unique one click scene switching function
Our products include daytime mode, and night mode.
In daytime mode, when the image on the display screen is a little gray in the face of strong sunlight or poor air quality,You just need to turn on the effect enhancement , and the image on the display screen will be clear and bright immediately.
In the night mode, the surrounding environment is completely dark. Turn on the 850nm flashlight and you will see it very clearly.

Crosshairs of various colors and shapes
Hi-SC02 has built-in six colors and eight cross shapes. You can use it freely in 48 combinations.

Powerful 850nm flashlight
Hi-SC02's own 850nm fill light flashlight is small in size, but it has a very powerful light source output, which can help you see everything in a dark night environment.

HI-SC02 Detailed parameters
Field of view at 1000 yds2260ft(4.3°
optical focal length70mm
Maximum lens diameter30mm
SensorSONY:1920 (H)   X 1080 (V)
CPU performance14nm Quad-Core Processer
Micro Display1024x768
Eye relief60mm
Video Recording Resolution1080p @60 fps
Ballistic CalculatorNO
WiFi(Streaming, Gallery & Controls)iOS and Android
3D GyroscopeNO
3D AccelerometerYes
RVA (Recoil Activated Video)Yes
Electronic CompassNO
Electronic Zoom1.0x~8.0x
Mil Dot1.0~13.0MOA
CrosshairFFP & 8 reticle options & 6Color Options
Mico SD cardsupport 32/64/128/256G TF CARD
USB, type CYes
IR IlluminatorYes(built-in 850nm/940nm Flashlight)
Night Visionsupport
Battery life(Li-ion)Upto 6 hrs(2900max1)
Battery type18650Replaceable
Waterproof rating/IP ratingWeather Resistant
Dimensions(body only)L210mm
Warranty3 years

HI-SC02 Actual album
Daytime  effect comparison
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ADDRESS :   No. 1, Qiliqiao North Road, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,China